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Mandatory quarantine of 21 days for patients. So many swear by it because it’s like putting your immune system on speed. SiteAdmin9 Jay this does make a lot of sense bitcoin atm orange county. Their presence in New Delhi on this day will place India-ASEAN relations at center stage: Sushma Swaraj at 5th Round Table of ASEAN India Network of Think-Tank in Jakartapic. The solid research on this topic is avaiable in respected medical journals and websites and there can be no doubt, that the vaccine does not cause autsm or cancer. And when a mistake occurs, such as the MMR-autism link paper in ‘the Lancet’ they promptly publish a well-argued retraction bitcoin atm orange county. So now I would calculate it as: Cases: (CDC/WHO reporting x 2. I get instant updates from amazing people all the time. 8% fatality rate, that would mean that of the current number of cases (7178), 5154 will die from ebola. Sam First non-transport case in Europe and first confirmed case to have started outside West Africa SiteAdmin9 SiteAdmin9. Thank you for everybody’s continued support. I would use MSF/Doctors without borders cases to deaths as a correct mortality rate: They reported: 1408 confirmed and 342 survived which is around a 75% mortality rate even with care. The chance that a given ebola victim will die from it is much higher than 47%. Being fearful or scared has nothing to do with it. This is why old hospital door knobs were made of copper, hence the phrase “polishing door knobs”. com/2014/10/05/child-brought-to-delaware-hospital-for-possible-ebola/ SiteAdmin9 SiteAdmin9 Jade Looks like the first tests performed by the hospital are negative.

SiteAdmin9 Louis Pneumonia Concerns that Dr. Gramercy Pirate prepper George prepper EbolaCola I just ran across your site and wanted to thank you for taking the time to put this together. Nice website btw, thanks 😀 SiteAdmin9 I can certainly implement this as a post/sticky at the top. lowbred Consider this; copper was used as water pipes for decades because of its ability to kill all bacteria on its surface in 48 hours or less. It’s about understanding where this disease is going and where it will end up. You’re doing and providing a great service. nl/Nederland/nieuws/2014/10/Eerste-test-geen-ebola-bij-verdachte-patient-1614247W/ Netherlands case is negative. Do you have a resource that I can look at so I can update my figures with the actual mortality rate. Live Ebola Map 21373 Global Disease Status: This is a Suspected Case in the region. 8% (95% confidence interval [CI], 69 to 73)” So they’re VERY confident that the current fatality rate is between 69 and 73 percent (70. It will only have bearing on how scared you are…. I really like their product because if’s nano size and they have some crazy good reviews. I just want to know where the hell this thing is going and how bad it is going to get. id=26478362 Mali Get Directions SiteAdmin9 Stu SiteAdmin9 SiteAdmin9 Blatant Jay Completely erroneous, misleading mortality rate. I have planned maintenance on the site today so I will clear them up :). Rob Kobusinski i have done my own research, and the CDC coming out and saying there is a link between vaccines and autism is all i need.

SiteAdmin9 SiteAdmin9 Only cases that start in the US are treated as true US cases. We all know a strong immune system can fight off disease. Interesting that you brought it up though.Status.
. I just put the mortality rate as a function of Cases/Deaths. Colloidal silver bonds to viruses and either slow or keeps it from replicating which is key. Learn more Hmm, there was a problem reaching the server. com/alabama-home-quarantined-over-possible-ebola-case/ http://www. SiteAdmin9 Wow thank you for those kind words. html Germany Leipzig, Germany 10/22/2014 Total Cases: 1 Total Deaths: 1 Fatality Rate: 100% No Risk of spreading the infection: http://www. I agree, it is good to have a visual representation. 0 replies 2,507 retweets 10,705 likes Reply Loading seems to be taking a while. The comments area has been delightful as well. SiteAdmin9 Actually, per your suggestions I added the case and it is labeled as a “transport case” There will be a Key later for a reference. .Gnosis.Lisk.

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Live Ebola Map tracks the latest Ebola Infections. To-the-minute updates on all new cases as we follow this global pandemic. Advice, tips and preparedness.

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